Travis Mathews


  • Erotica? Hipster Fantasies from a “Wistful Pervert”

    “I want to write a love letter to the video, and don’t want to sully it with words like hardcore, porn, and NSFW. I found myself connecting to Matthews’ video in ways that porn can’t make happen."

    -The New Gay
  • The Gay Hipster Art Porn Flick the Whole Internet Is Talking About

    “…What we've seen so far is frankly amazing. I Want Your Love is focused on their faces, the little small talk that goes on during sex and the shared intimacy that is as much fun as getting your ass rammed. It is the closest approximation to a gay hookup we have ever seen on film."

  • I Want Your Love

    -BUTT Magazine
  • Johnny Murdoc Interview with Travis Mathews

    -Johnny Murdoc