Travis Mathews


  • Making Love: The Story of a Sweet, Dirty Movie

    "I Want Your Love bristles with eroticism and emotional honesty. Jesse Metzger and Brenden Gregory are not typical porn stars. They’re scruffy, tattooed indie guys, charming and occasionally awkward. The sex is interrupted by laughter, bouts of wrestling, and subtle gestures of negotiation. Certainty never factors into the scene. Seemingly, there is nothing coordinated or choreographed about their actions. "

    -SEXIS Magazine
  • MUD interviews U.S. filmmaker Travis Mathews

    "Mathews is pushing the bar even further by blurring the lines between narrative and pornographic language."

    -MUD Magazine
  • In the Works: Gay Intimacy

    "I Want Your Love seems like a natural progression, adding a fictional component while building on the eroticism and playfulness, the intimacy and directness, of Mathews’ previous work.”

  • More on the New Cuddle Porn: Jesse from "I Want Your Love"

    -SF Bay Guardian
  • In Their Room - K.M. Soehnlein

    "What do guys do when they’re alone in their bedrooms? Travis Mathews managed to find a way in. Behind closed doors with a series of young urban gay guys, what he finds isn’t sensational or even surprising—they nap, listen to music, talk about sex and jack off—but the overall atmosphere is revealing and intimate just the same. Mathews’ camera lingers on the fleeting detail, and his careful editing accumulates into portraits of male vulnerability. When you’re done watching In Their Room, you feel a little bit lucky— you’ve been shown something you wouldn’t have gotten to see otherwise."

    -K.M. Soehnlein, author of The World of Normal Boys
  • The Best Pornographic Gay Hipster Short Film I’ve Ever Seen

    I Want Your Love is remarkably relatable, honest and insightful, and though it works quite well as a stand-alone short - the idea of this turning into a full-length film could be pretty awesome.”

    -IndieWIRE Blog: The Lost Boy
  • Director Travis Mathews Makes Gay Porn Intimate, Cuddly, Relatable

    “It’s impressive to me that it’s scripted, because it does feel so real. You don’t really get the sense that they’re acting”

    -SF Bay Guardian
  • Travis D. Mathews, Indie Porn Sensation: The New Gay Interview

    I Want Your Love is an unusually well-created and emotionally resonant piece of indie porn.”

    -The New Gay
  • In Their Room -BUTT Magazine

    "In Their Room shines a light on the honest thoughts, feelings, and sexual habits of a new generation of gay men (both young and old) largely ignored by the mainstream gay media. Focused, sexy, and very sweet, Mathews has created the visual equivalent to a BUTT Magazine interview."

    -Adam Baran, contributing editor, BUTT MAGAZINE
  • Mathews’ Web Series, Films Probe Intimacy While Playing With Genre

    “What makes Mathews interesting is his work is honest about being both arousing and artistic...he is taking web series (a tool to intimately connect with consumers), film (historically scopophilic), digital culture and our long history of embracing/denying sexual openness and wrapping them in delicately conceived and erotically attuned visual packages. I Want Your Love may be the kind of groundbreaking film to open up a small genre.

    -AJ Christian’s Blog