Travis Mathews


GIRLS interview and video07.19.10

I was really happy to talk with Christopher Owens of Girls recently. Girls were generous enough to contribute the song "solitude" to the I Want Your Love short I launched in April and I wanted to talk with them about being associated with "gay porn". You might also be familiar with their XXX Lust For Life video that features a lot of boobs and some homo happenings.

But mostly, I'm a big fan of their music. It was the soundtrack as I wrote much of the script to the forthcoming feature and I'd like to think that we're accessing similar emotions on parallel tracks. San Francisco is deeply embedded in both our work, as is emotional honesty and a playful sexuality. I got to talk with Christopher about all of this on a Saturday afternoon while hanging out in his bedroom, appropriately enough.

I've split our talk into two parts but have left it mostly unedited to preserve the intimate feeling of being there.

Christopher Owens Interview 1
Christopher Owens Interview 2

When we were done talking Christopher played an acoustic version of a song he wrote called "Oh My Love", which is not featured on the new album or any existing recording. It's a beautiful song that I'm excited to share.

The band's new album is being mastered right now and a release is expected for sometime this fall. Christopher was sweet enough to play me a song from the new record, one that he described as the best song they've recorded. It has some surprises on it, but he made me swear not to tell.

Thanks to Skye Thorstenson for helping on camera and to Christopher and JR for such sweet generosity and good tunes.