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Post-production on the I Want Your Love feature is cooking along at a nice pace. I'm over half finished with a first edit and liking what's in front of me. Bittersweet, funny and sexy. Lately, I've been editing some of the more funny moments and laughing my ass off. I've heard these lines a million times now, so if I'm still laughing I think that's a good sign.

I'm still looking for music to include in what is a house party scene in the feature. If you or someone you know makes music that could work for a house in touch!

In October, I'm going to be a filmmaker in focus at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Ill be showing In Their Room/Berlin and supplemental teaser material and casting videos from the I Want Your Love feature. It's going to coincide with a German DVD release on Salzgeber of all of my In Their Room episodes to date, the I Want Your Love short and maybe some other stuff that's yet to be decided. In Their Room/Berlin will be available on the NakedSword site about the same time this fall. Excited!

Starting post04.04.11

After production on IWYL wrapped I pretty immediately turned to the footage I shot last November for In Their Room/Berlin. And now a couple of weeks later I have a 60 minute version of In Their Room/Berlin. There are some surprises here that I'm quite happy about. The teaser will come out soon, but the full length won't be available until early summer when it makes its festival debut in Tel Aviv.

In the meantime, today is day one on IWYL post-production...

IWYL production wrapped03.16.11

Nearly 3 weeks later, production on the I Want Your Love feature...wrapped! This has been the most demanding and rewarding of projects, none of which would have gotten this far without the dedication and talents of an amazing cast and crew. Excited for all of the post-production months ahead and the sniff of normalcy for a little while. I miss my dog!

Best Gay Short -TLA01.04.11

Thanks to TLA and everyone who voted to help I Want Your Love win best gay short of 2010. We won!

Best sex scene of 201012.30.10

What a way to end the year! Manhunt names I Want Your Love the best sex scene of 2010