Travis Mathews


DVD compilation12.06.11

Just in time for whatever holiday, birthday or private viewing you want to have, In Their Room is now available on DVD via Salzgeber. This is a German release but it should play on most territory DVD players/computers (Please check where you live before purchasing).

It's mostly everything that I've done over the past 2 years with the exception of the I Want Your Love feature. You'll find the little viewed In Their Room: Berlin, San Francisco, several one-off episodes and the I Want Your Love short. We're also on but if you have the choice, support the indie stores at the link. Thank you!


I'm really excited to share the first teaser to the I WANT YOUR LOVE feature which is finally, most definitely, wildly done. There have been a lot of martini moments over the past 6 months, moments where this hurdle or that hurdle was completed and worthy of a mini-celebration, but this is the real deal. I'm really proud of this movie and ready to start showing it widely! But first...


Much of the music in the film was generously contributed by Chromatics and Glass Candy. The teaser showcases one of my favorites, "In the City" by the Chromatics.

First IWYL teaser09.28.11

I'm happy to report that I am sick, exhausted and blurry headed -all of which I'm chalking up to battle scars. The IWYL feature is picture locked, which means that I am done editing. At this point, it's just in the hands of sound and color to enhance what's already there. I'm also excited to share that in just 2 weeks Ill be releasing the first teaser for the film! stay tuned.

Test screenings09.06.11

test screenings for the I Want Your Love feature are leaving me thrilled, relieved, excited and proud about what's come together and what's to come. Nearly all of my friends -old and new- have somehow contributed to the making of this movie. It has me all mushy thinking that it will always be a marker of this moment in San Francisco and a snapshot of all the wonderful people in my life who helped to make this happen.

In just over a month we will be completely done with the film.

Finish line in view08.18.11

I've been doing a lot of preparing for next week. It's a long scheduled few days of pick up shots for the feature and it marks an official end to any shooting for I Want Your Love. I'm looking forward to having all of the footage in my face for final tweaking and adjustments. After that I have less than a week for the first test screening. eek. Mostly excited about that, but you know, it's a nervy experience. Deadlines looming, the film will be locked before National Coming Out Day on October 11. At such time I will come out from my mancave of editing. Wheeee!