Travis Mathews


New-wave queer cinema10.04.12

I'm totally humbled and honored to be included with fellow filmmakers and friends, Andrew Haigh and Ira Sachs, in this Guardian piece by Ben Walters about the state of gay movie making.

James Franco's 40 Minutes10.03.12

If you're in NYC check out the short version of JAMES FRANCO'S 40 MINUTES by yours truly and James Franco. It's playing at Costume National until October 10. You can also check out my interview with PAPER MAGAZINE and watch a teaser teaser here.

Join the Brontez revolution05.21.12

Renaissance Man and IN THEIR ROOM + I WANT YOUR LOVE starlet, Brontez Purnell, just made OUT Magazine's HOT LIST

Brontez is also the lead in my most recent feature script, with a working title of BRONTEZ AND RICK. While filming I WANT YOUR LOVE I knew that I wanted to write something dedicated to Brontez and all his talents, and so I did. I'm quite excited that the script was recently accepted into the Outfest screenwriting lab taking place the first week in June. I'll be in LA as a fellow refining the script and preparing it for production and preparing for an audience reading to take place during the first week of Outfest in July. More details as they come!

In Their Room London05.19.12

After 5 -went by too fast- weeks in London I'm back in San Francisco with a hard drive full of footage that I'm eager to assemble. Ill be reluctantly putting it to the side for a few months while attending I Want Your Love screenings and workshopping a screenplay written specifically for Brontez Purnell to lead. It's hard to put London away but I think the distance will do the project well. Ill be taking the whole month of August off to edit In Their Room London while visiting my family in Ohio.

Huge thanks to everyone in London who turned out for the first I Want Your Love preview screening -we sold out!- and to all the new friends and the many gents who allowed me into their bedrooms! Im already wondering when I can make it back.

Banned in Australia03.02.12

Maybe you heard...In Their Room Berlin was banned in Australia.