Travis Mathews


"Interior" theatrical starts March 5th in NYC03.02.14

Starting March 5th, New Yorkers will have 28 different opportunities to see "Interior" over the following week at The IFC Center. Preceding the film is James' short, "Feast of Stephen,' and my 2010 short, "I Want Your Love."

Strand Releasing08.19.13

We're thrilled to announce that INTERIOR is getting a domestic release in early 2014 with Strand Releasing. It's especially sweet for yours truly because I came of age watching movies from the Strand catalog, movies that pushed the envelope and influenced me as a filmmaker. A digital and DVD release will coincide with a theatrical run in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. When I have exact dates Ill let you know.


Miami, I wasn't so sure, but you did me right. Double bill of IN THEIR ROOM LONDON and INTERIOR was as good as I hoped it might be and how cool to get recognized for "being edgy" -their words not mine. Much appreciated for the Vanguard Award, encouraging to keep treading the places that move me, and sometimes scare the crap out of me! Thank you HBO Latin America and MLGFF.

Oz on Oz03.05.13

I WANT YOUR LOVE was banned in Australia. I'm hoping that the Classification Board will reconsider their ruling and somewhere in this process I can understand how they came to this decision in the first place. James Franco spoke up about it yesterday, as my friend and as my collaborator on INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR., a film that will most likely be banned in OZ as well.

Next stop BERLINALE!01.16.13

It's official! we're in competition for the Teddy in the fiction section of Panorama Berlinale!